Battle for justice in an anime-themed world as Nina Aquila, defence attorney and bona fide Legal Eagle!

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is an anime-themed graphic adventure game, in which you play the role of a defence attorney. Fledge City is in crisis, and it's up to Nina Aquila and her friends to make sure justice prevails!

  • A fully-SFW graphic adventure
  • Take the role of a new defence attorney
  • Get to know a cast of quirky characters
  • Defend your client in court!

With a tone that mixes crime with a light-hearted feel, a cast of quirky characters and a compelling story, NALE is intended as a homage to the Phoenix Wright franchise, but should appeal to all fans of anime & graphic adventures.

The game currently has 1 tutorial case,
and is approx. 45-minutes to an hour in length.

Chapter 2 is in development HERE!


In each chapter, Nina takes on the case of a client who has been charged with a major crime, who she believes to be innocent. To prove this, she and her friends journey to different areas around Fledge City, gathering evidence, before going to court to fight for her client's cause.
Freshly qualified as a defence attorney, Nina's first few cases go well... But when her mentor is imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit, her career becomes a casualty of a secret war... A war that, unknown to Nina, is connected to her own past.
A great game is being played for the heart of the city by the ruthless and powerful, but right now, Nina doesn't even know who is playing, much less the rules. She will need to trust her friends and forge new alliances if she is to fight for justice and uncover the truth.

Current state of the project

NALE is mid-development. The case presented in this first version of the game is a courtroom tutorial with a straightforward setup and courtroom battle, and should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Funds raised will initially go towards the unique assets required to create the future cases, with a long-term goal of replacing all the visual aspects of the game with unique character and environment assets.

Future Plans

The game will appear on in chapters, where, generally, each chapter represents one case for Nina to solve, as part of the overall story. Future cases will include...

  • Exploration of crime scenes
  • Conversations with witnesses and NPCs
  • An explorable version of Fledge City
  • Minigames and puzzles

Future cases will be based around unique themes that serve as pastiche or parody of popular anime genres and geeky activities; for example, a murder at an underground club for players of a collectible card game, or a theft that will see Nina and her friends get involved in illegal mountain road tōge racing!

If you enjoy playing NALE, consider supporting the development of new chapters of the game on Patreon!

Credits & Special Thanks

This game was made by Ethan Fox, who can be found here:

Thanks go to the RPG Maker official forums & subreddit, all of my followers on Twitter & Tumblr, and members of my writer's Discord, The Fiction Addiction.

Additionally, this game has a wide range of asset & plugin credits. These can be found via the "credits" option on the main menu, however, I want to make special mention of...

Plugins & Assets

Yanfly Engine Plugins
Bokou's Freesources
Hiddenone & Avery
Orange Overlay by Hudell
UltraMode7 by Blizzard
Mr. Trivel
PandaMaru for an awesome shower cubicle tile
RPG Maker MV character generator assets
RPG Maker MV & Sakan tilesets


Meredith Mandel


Title track from "Steam Punk Future" resource pack
Eric Matyas (track listing provided in credits)

Asset Disclaimer

A great deal of effort has gone into making sure that every asset used in this game was  public domain, licenced and paid for, or correctly attributed. If you feel this to be in error, please contact me via my social media channels.


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