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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Fight for justice in this anime-themed graphic adventure game! · By Ethan Fox


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A wild playthrough appears!
Hey all, just wanted to post to let you know that RootBeerGamers are now doing a playthrough of NALE, and the first part can be found below! Thanks a bunch guys...
We hit the VN top 10!
I can scarcely believe it, but for the first time today, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle hit the top 10 of the general Visual Novel category on! Back when I f...
Keeping up with NALE news?
Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know that with NALE Chapter 1 effectively now completed, and NALE Chapter 2 released, I strongly recommend you follow m...
New shirt - Legal Fantasy!
Hey all, to celebrate the core work on NALE Chapter 2 being over (and just bugs and a few bits and pieces remaining) we're launching a new shirt on our TeePubli...
NALE logo shirts now available!
Work on NALE Chapter 2 is nearing completion, and to celebrate, NALE Logo shirts are now available from TeePublic ! This shirt will be on special offer for 2 d...
Support Kyoto Animation
I have an important announcement: I'm sure you're all aware of the tragic events that have befallen Kyoto Animation in the last 24 hours. There are many works w...
NALE Chapter 1: Revised Version!
Hi NALErs! This is for all you guys, but especially those who've helpfully given feedback and reviews about NALE Chapter 1 since release. Great news today, Cha...
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Evidence system preview!
Introducing evidence 2.0! This will be showing up in Chapter 1 of NALE soon, and Chapter 2 upon release. As you can see, we have a new interface (with pictures!...