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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings"

Fight for justice in Chapter II of this anime-themed graphic adventure game! · By Ethan Fox


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NALE news, soon!
Hey all, sorry for the brief hiatus! I took a bit of time off after completing NALE chapter 2, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm back in the saddle, an...
We're watching Fire Force this week in the NALE discord!
In the NALE discord, we've started something of an "anime book club". We're checking out a couple of episodes of a new show every week, as nominated by one of o...
Keeping up with NALE news?
Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know that with NALE Chapter 1 effectively now completed, and NALE Chapter 2 released, I strongly recommend you follow m...
New shirt designs!
New tee designs have gone up on the NALE merch store! Much of NALE Chapter 2 takes place at an anime and card gaming convention, called DFA 23. These shirts are...
Mac version info (NALE C2)
Hi everyone, Apologies about NALE Chapter II launching without a Mac version. This was because I don't personally own a Mac, so I can't test a Mac version (C1 w...
Now available & FREE this weekend! Check out Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings"!
The day has finally come, and Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings" is now available! Also, the game will normally be $3.99, but it's free for th...
Weekly update #31 - Final development update!
Actually at a bit of a loss as to what to talk about this week, because development is now over. Last night, I produced the final zip file of the build you guys...
NALE C2 Releases August 16th! (+Release info!)
Great news everyone! It's my pleasure to announce that after nearly 7 months, thousands of hours, countless late nights and blood, sweat & tears, Nina Aquila: L...
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