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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings"

Fight for justice in Chapter II of this anime-themed graphic adventure game! · By Ethan Fox


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Mac version info (NALE C2)
Hi everyone, Apologies about NALE Chapter II launching without a Mac version. This was because I don't personally own a Mac, so I can't test a Mac version (C1 w...
Now available & FREE this weekend! Check out Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings"!
The day has finally come, and Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings" is now available! Also, the game will normally be $3.99, but it's free for th...
Weekly update #31 - Final development update!
Actually at a bit of a loss as to what to talk about this week, because development is now over. Last night, I produced the final zip file of the build you guys...
NALE C2 Releases August 16th! (+Release info!)
Great news everyone! It's my pleasure to announce that after nearly 7 months, thousands of hours, countless late nights and blood, sweat & tears, Nina Aquila: L...
Updated screenshots!
We now have final screenshots for the NALE Chapter 2 upcoming release. Enjoy!
Weekly update #30 - Almost there!
Hi all, sorry that this one was a little late - I was at the Tokonatsu Anime Festival last weekend, so I had to wait until today to post this. Development on Ch...
Weekly update #29 - Almost done!
Quick update, we're now waiting on just one more commissioned piece of art. Chapter 2 has been through several rounds of testing and we're just finalising thing...
Weekly update #28 - Beta!
After some work this week, NALE chapter 2 is now in Beta! The game is almost complete. It just needs playtesting, bugfixing, and to have some of the rough edges...
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