Character Spotlight: Chad Hawke

As we march towards NALE Chapter 2's release, we're going to have a few posts that will shine a spotlight on some of the game's prominent characters. This time around, it's the turn of Prosecutor Chad Hawke, Nina's rival and primary antagonist of the series... Though not a villain! Chad had a comparatively small role on Chapter 1, but he has a lot more to say in Chapter 2!

Hailing from Maine, Prosecutor Chad Hawke came to Fledge City several years before the game begins, and in that time, has served the Prosecutor's Office with distinction. He is considered skilled by his peers, but seen as abrupt, abrasive and complex. Prior to the start of Legal Eagle, Hawke did not have a perfect prosecution record, but he has won more cases than he has lost.

Hawke was given his break by the former Chief Prosecutor of Fledge City, and considers her his mentor. Her faith was rewarded a year before Legal Eagle begins, when Hawke's prosecution broke up a currency counterfeiting ring; an act which made the national news. Due to this, Hawke is still an occasionally recognised figure on the streets of Fledge City as "that lawyer who did that thing".

Hawke loves sushi, and can often be seen eating alone on working days, at his favourite conveyor restaurant, The Great Wave. Additionally, he loves punctuality, cats and classic super-robot anime shows. However he dislikes sweet foods, people who are late for appointments, and most of all, he despises courtroom drama movies, finding their procedural inaccuracies too much to handle.

Hawke has a strong, practically-innate drive to see proper legal procedure followed, which has seen him win multiple cases on technicalities. From the outside, this might make him seem harsh, but Hawke is a product of the experiences that have led him to this point; experiences that cause him to value discipline, preparation and fairness. In person he can be arrogant, with an acerbic wit, however, he is not taken to cruelty, and considers himself a "just" person at heart.

Ultimately rigid and inflexible, Hawke clashes with Nina Aquila and her more unorthodox methods, but he begrudgingly accepts her resourcefulness - even if he would never admit it.

Chapter 1 of NALE is available to play HERE! Chapter 2 is on the way, and will be available on this summer. Follow me to see updates when they happen!

The above image of Chad Hawke was created by ShibariShuu, who is actively soliciting commissions at the time of posting. They were a real pleasure to work with, and I strongly recommend them if you have any similar commission needs!

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