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Nina Aquila returns in Legal Eagle, Chapter III: "Legal Stage"!

This game is the follow-up to Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings".


NALE Chapter III is currently "in development". Follow on itch.io, Twitter or join our discord to keep up with development news!

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a series of anime-themed graphic adventure games, in which you play the role of a defence attorney. Fledge City is in crisis, and it's up to Nina Aquila and her friends to make sure justice prevails!

  • Aimed at adults, but entirely SFW
  • A hybrid visual novel/graphic adventure game
  • An exciting mystery plot that satirises illegal street racing anime, such as Initial D and Wangan Midnight

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Case 3: "Legal Stage"

Following on from the Chapter II, Nina and Dylan have been looking into the events surrounding Anya's trial and arrest, but the volume of evidence is huge, and weeks have already passed without any leads.

Still, Aquila Defense & Law is a business, and when a person calling himself The King of Hearts comes to the door in the middle of the night, they have no choice but to take his case.

Something is wrong up in the mountains. Shockwaves are ringing through the world of Fledge City's illegal road racing scene: Clara Mass, longtime racer and The Ace of Spades has been murdered during a race, and several other racers have been accused of the crime. The fragile truce between the street racing groups is being stretched to breaking point, and police involvement threatens to end mountain road racing once and for all!

Now, Nina and Dylan must journey north of the streets of Fledge City to the snow-covered passes of The Rostro Spire, the tallest mountain in the region, to search for answers amid the high-octane sub-culture of Touge Janken Racing...

... but some truths can only be found in the heart of the drift!

Content Warning

People with particular triggers concerning themes of fatal car accidents may not wish to play this chapter.

New features for this chapter

  • Explore the mountainous area to the north of Fledge City and meet the city's street racing scene
  • Engage in turn-based races and gain racing skills
  • Improved handling of text for fans of visual novels (subject to R&D)

State of Development

NALE is created on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

The initial chapter is free, follow-up chapters are available for a small fee.

Funds raised will initially go towards the unique assets required to create the future cases, with a long-term goal of replacing all the visual aspects of the game with unique character and environment assets.

Updates & news are posted HERE, but we strongly recommend fans join our discord:

Credits & Special Thanks

This game was made by Ethan Fox, who can be found on twitter or his own website.

Thanks go to the RPG Maker official forums & subreddit, all of my followers on Twitter & Tumblr, and members of the NALE discord.

The game also features an extensive credits list that covers plugin, asset and voice attribution; please check these out as NALE would only be possible with their help!

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I just finished playing Chapter 2, can't wait for Chapter 3!! I bet there's gonna be some Initial D references

Chapter II was AWESOME. Can't wait for Chapter III

Cool game!! I wish You can add voice character when they drag  race.. Btw  I love the art really catch my attention 😍💕💕

Oh good. Only InDev. My purse is not ready yet to get NALEd again.


:D Yep, we're really just starting out on this one.

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I can already tell this is gonna be fun to play, first DFA now this.

Thanks! In truth I've been working on the racing subgame for a few weeks now, as I wanted to be sure I could make that work before announcing the chapter. It's been difficult to sit on, but it's great to finally let you guys in on what's coming up!